Tree Diseases

Common Types of Tree Diseases

Due to a number of different reasons, some trees get infected by diseases. If left untreated, these diseases may spread to another tree, or another plant. Tree diseases can weaken trees, cause them to die, and cause them to fall – potentially leading to accidents. A professional arborist or tree surgeon can save trees and treat various tree diseases, as…

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What is an Arborist and Why Should You Hire One?

An arborist is a specialist in trees. This professional have broad knowledge when it comes to various types of trees and how to properly handle each one. Arborists should be able to provide numerous services related to trees, such as tree pruning as well as tree maintenance. Arborists should also be skilled when it comes to identifying which trees are…

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Preparing Your Garden for a Storm

Storm season can be a particularly difficult time of the year for many reasons: the inevitable flooding, power outages, destructive winds, and so on. Before the stormy months hit, many individuals prepare their households for what’s coming. Many stock up food and important needs, while thousands have their roofs inspected and repaired. Preparing for storms just makes perfect sense. But…

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Danger of Falling

Signs That a Tree Is in Danger of Falling

Hurricane and storm season is the time of the year that most people should prepare for. Extremely heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause flash floods and other dangers. Among the many things people should prepare for during storm season is the number of falling trees. Trees in danger of falling can be quite dangerous for numerous reasons – they…

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