Preparing Your Garden for a Storm


Storm season can be a particularly difficult time of the year for many reasons: the inevitable flooding, power outages, destructive winds, and so on.

Before the stormy months hit, many individuals prepare their households for what’s coming. Many stock up food and important needs, while thousands have their roofs inspected and repaired. Preparing for storms just makes perfect sense.

But aside from making sure we are safe indoors during a storm, we have to make sure that the exterior part of our homes is safe, too. Our gardens or backyards are among the parts of our house that takes the most hit in times of a wind storm.

While it is unavoidable for us to totally shield our gardens from storms, we can at least minimize the storm damage by taking the following precautionary steps before a storm:

Have a professional tree cutter inspect your trees. Ask an expert to see if any of your trees show signs of falling down soon. If you have trees that show signs of imminent falling, have it removed.

Ask the tree professional to remove any decaying tree as well. Rotting trees can be very weak to the point that they might be pulled from their roots while battling strong winds.

If there are low-hanging trees or branches over your roof, have a professional cut the branches or trim the trees. Low-hanging branches or trees can fall over your roof and cause massive and expensive damage, on top of that, it can be dangerous, too.

Keep small potted plants in a safe place. Strong winds tend to blow small plants away, so if at all possible, keep your plants in a safe place such as inside a garage, or inside your home.

If you have any outdoor furniture, keep them indoors, too. Outdoor furniture, when blown away by wind, can be very dangerous as they can be propelled to your window or onto your neighbor’s property.

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