Signs That a Tree Is in Danger of Falling

Danger of Falling

Hurricane and storm season is the time of the year that most people should prepare for. Extremely heavy rainfall and strong winds can cause flash floods and other dangers.

Among the many things people should prepare for during storm season is the number of falling trees. Trees in danger of falling can be quite dangerous for numerous reasons – they can fall on some people, on some vehicles, and even on some properties.

Aside from that, if trees fall on particularly high risk spots such as power lines, it can lead to fire and major power outages.

So, it only makes sense to watch out for trees that are at a danger of falling because of strong storms.

Professional tree cutters can help you get rid of dangerous trees even before storms hit. Don’t worry because you don’t have to have every tree in your property cut. However, you have to know how to identify which trees are in danger of falling so you know which ones you need to have removed or cut.

Here are some of the telltale signs that a tree is in danger of falling and must be removed as soon as possible:

  • When a tree is leaning towards one side. – A tree leaning towards one side is an indication that a tree might fall soon.
  • Mushroom growth at the base of the tree. – Growth of mushroom can be a sign of decay in trees. Even when a tree looks healthy, mushroom growth suggests that a tree is an internal rotting taking place. Decaying or rotting trees can fall on anyone or anything soon, too.
  • Large holes in the tree trunk. – Holes in the tree trunk can be symptoms of decay as well.
  • Tree branches falling suddenly. – Branches that fall off suddenly can also be a sign of internal decay.